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About a year ago, I got into hand spinning when I took a workshop at Cornerstone (a music festival in the middle of a cornfield that attracts lots of artists and hippies).  It’s pretty easy to do with a drop spindle, and handspun yarn really adds a personal touch to projects if you have the patience to do it (which I usually, do not).  Well, roving (unspun wool) is rather hard to come by in the city unless you order it online, and what’s the fun in that?  Google is my friend, and this summer I discovered Sheep Street Fibers, the best yarn and wool store EVER in Shelbyville, IN.  It’s basically a sheep farm that sells yarn (like fair trade handspun wool that put itself in my shopping basket made by a woman in Peru) and spinning wool.  You can buy it straight from the sheep (a little too ambitious for me) or you can buy it already dyed and carded and ready for spinning, as I did.  I ended up with some beautiful purple merino wool – you can see some of it now wrapped around my $150 Music History book (which I could have re-sold for $7, but chose to keep because it is exactly a yard around).  You know what they say – reduce, reuse, recycle.


About Becca Nelson

Becca Nelson is a music teacher who recently left Chicago behind for the mountains of western Guatemala. Her current hobbies include squeezing into tiny over-crowded buses, painting, writing, and smiling and nodding when other people speak Spanish much too quickly.

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